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Alyssa and Karen exceeded all expectations and I cannot recommend them more highly. To say they went above and beyond simply doesn’t begin to capture the work this team put into selling our home. They were flexible when we decided to move up the listing date by almost two months and provided expert advice on how to stage the home with our existing furniture while living in it. The multiple fun open houses, together with their awesome personalities, enabled them to connect with potential buyers and really sell the special characteristics of the house and our neighborhood. Karen and Alyssa really understand the mid-century modern aesthetic and I am certain that the enthusiasm they helped foster amongst mid-century modern enthusiasts resulted in a higher sale price. 

In addition, as a lawyer, I really appreciated their patience and the respect they showed with all of my questions and concerns, and the diligence with which they ensured they were not crossing the line and providing legal advice. Not once did they tell me not to worry about it because “that’s just the way it’s done” and it’s never been a problem before. Where they couldn’t ethically provide an answer, they were always able to point me to helpful resources. 

Thank you Alyssa and Karen! -K and C Ley



Working with Alyssa and Karen was an absolute dream. They are knowledgeable, warm, and always professional. We never felt pressured and knew we could trust them to give us their honest opinions about a property. They were great at helping us understand the process and walked us through every step with diligence and attention to detail. Perhaps most important to us was their ally-ship. As a queer couple buying our first home together, it was really nice to know we had realtors who would stand up for us and make sure we were respected. They even went so far as to call a listing agent and complain about their "his and her closets" signage at an open house! Talk about above and beyond! We knew we were in good hands, and when we found the perfect home, Karen and Alyssa shepherded us through the offer, the negotiation, and the closing with frequent check-ins and encouragement. We absolutely love our home and can't imagine working with anyone else. 

-G and I

Working with Karen and Alyssa on the sale of our house was wonderful.  They were great with helping us stage the house and wrote an ad that attracted buyers to our open house.  They worked with us on coming up with a price we were comfortable with. They were very supportive and flexible when the unexpected happened (the roof leaking 5 days before the listing date).  They even helped with some of the cosmetic touches needed to get the house to the place where it showed at its best!  The offer and acceptance process went smoothly and I really felt that they understood us, knew how to market the house effectively, and brought a personal touch to the staging and showing.  

-L Murdock 


I have known Karen personally for almost two decades. I had been toying with the idea of a rental and last summer when Alyssa and Karen held a rental seminar with a local lender, the seminar made renting seem doable, so we decided to dip our toes in the water. I had some reservations with mixing my personal friendship and a business deal. However, both Karen and Alyssa are so incredibly professional that was never an issue. Honestly. The integrity of these two women is praiseworthy. We took our time finding a rental and Karen was very patient with us and not pushy. She also helped pencil out the numbers on what was financially feasible for us and what wasn't. So, we didn't waste our time, or hers, looking at properties that would not work. We originally thought we would buy in Everett or Kent, because Seattle just didn't seem financially feasible. However, Karen knew we would be open to Seattle and so she kept it on her radar. After a few months of looking Karen presented us with an adorable duplex in West Seattle. It seemed too good to be true. Affordable and in Seattle? Needless to say, we purchased our rental and Karen imparted her wisdom upon us, helping us to become landlords. She has over 20 years experience herself as a landlord and that meant so much to us. Both Karen and Alyssa are trustworthy, knowledgeable and not just out to make a deal. We are grateful to both of them for a wonderful purchasing experience.


-T and R Burkhardt


From a Listing Broker we worked with in a successful closing Fall 2016:

Hi Karen and Alyssa,

I meant to send you a note earlier.  I want to say “THANK YOU” for your communication, cooperation, professionalism, work ethics, and most importantly, your genuine care for your clients.  From day 1, you guys stayed in touch and checked-in on a constant basis.  During that time, you expressed client’s interest but kept their best interest on mind.  It is difficult to balance between your wish for clients to win and to avoid compromise of their position.  Also, you maintained utmost professionalism and avoided unnecessary pressure on the other party.  I could tell that you really cared about your clients and I’m impressed how well you handled the offer situation.  Your clients are very lucky to have you represent them.  And we are very happy that the home went to a good couple.  Looking forward to a smooth closing.  Thank you.

-Redfin Broker



My husband and I had the great fortune of working with Karen & Alyssa after receiving a referral from a friend.  Although we had talked with a few other realtors, none had immediately made us feel as comfortable and at ease as Karen & Alyssa.  Honestly, it was like talking with friends instead of a

business relationship which for first timers like us, was extremely important.  Karen & Alyssa each bring different perspectives to the table which helps when discussing our prospects and wants.  With each home we saw, I felt as though we were able to view it from all possible angles…almost like I brought along all my friends and family to make the decision.  Most importantly though, they have the unifying theme of being easygoing, informative and entirely honest.  I appreciated that they were able to point out things to consider in terms of possible issues or budget busters as well as opportunities or things to not worry on as much.  It was obvious that they cared to see us in a good home.

My husband and I are fairly picky but decisive people.  We were fortunate in the sense that we

knew what we wanted and mostly agreed on everything.  Still I figured that the hunt would take a while given our budget and desired location.  However, Karen & Alyssa quickly provided a pretty constant stream of places to see or consider.  They pushed us in and out of comfort zones to help further define what we wanted within the confines of what we could afford.  Both provided great ideas on how to stretch the budget, how to take on small projects for larger impacts and basically provided us with insight on each property that we both would have overlooked otherwise.  My husband and I were continuously impressed with how they were able to find so many things for us to really consider and vet out.  Thanks to their persistence, we were able to find a house in an area we love, with most of the features we wanted (and all that we needed), with room to expand and under our budget which, needless to say, is absolutely amazing considering the Seattle market right now.  All this within the course of barely two months.  While I know this will not be the case for everyone, I still find that it was truly an impressive feat given the area we wanted and the budget we had.  Although, I appreciate the speed in which we finished our transaction…I do admit that I miss working with these two and can’t wait to have them over to check out what we’ve done to the place.  I would highly recommend this dynamic duo to anyone who is searching for a new home or looking to sell.  They are two in a million!


-M and T


We met Alyssa and Karen through a chance meeting, and we're so happy we did.  As first-time home buyers in a tough Seattle housing market we were very anxious to make the right decision for our entire family.  They were both insightful, incredibly prepared, and always very patient as we took our time looking for the right house.  Both Karen and Alyssa have very positive attitudes and were very knowledgeable about the market and guided us to the right houses to look at.  When we finally found the right house they worked hard throughout the entire closing process to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. We would definitely recommend Karen & Alyssa as knowledgeable, patient, hardworking and friendly realtors to work with in this competitive Seattle housing market.


-Emily and Chris


After receiving a recommendation by a local lender, we selected Karen and Alyssa and were blown away.  We relocated out of the area a few years back, and once we decided to sell, we were unsure how smooth the process would be from afar.  They were extremely proactive with our property management firm, our existing tenants, and all contractors ensuring the property was ready to sell.  I would recommend this team to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!

-C Spring



Karen and Alyssa - thanks so much to you both!  The end result is better than we could have imagined in the best case scenario, so thank you for achieving that! We will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone we know.

-B. Vollenweider - Happy Seller

Karen Davis was a pleasure to work with! I felt like we were just hanging out while looking for real estate. She is very warm and personable with a lot of interests. It was actually fun. Karen never pressured us and I never felt rushed when another day of open houses didn’t work out. She really wanted us to find the right property. 

Karen is very knowledgeable and was happy to (repeatedly sometimes) answer our questions about the nitty gritty stuff. And when she didn’t have the answer she would find it for us.  When it came to make an offer, I felt very supported. Karen and Alyssa Plut worked hard to come up with the best possible offer and were able to negotiate terms and details, that I didn’t know existed. I would not hesitate to work with Karen Davis and Alyssa Plut again.

- C. Stacey 

My wife and I were on the hunt for a rental property. We had never bought an investment property, and to find one in our price range meant a search that ranged south, to Burien, Skyway, and White Center, to as far north as Everett. For weeks and weeks, we combed the listings, and time after time got in the car to check out yet another neighborhood and another house. Karen was with us every step of the way. She was positive when we were feeling defeatist, and offered great perspective and experience, as someone who knew what to look for in a rental property. She was remarkably patient, understanding, and easy to spend time with. Karen appreciated that this was a big decision and a big commitment. She was an invaluable help in guiding us through the intensity of the current Real Estate market. When it came time to make an offer, she was a great help in navigating that process, along with her partner Alyssa.

With Karen's help, we eventually did find, and purchase, a great property — a triplex in Everett. 

The local Real Estate market can be brutal, and it is great to have someone in your corner that is as knowledgeable, kind, and patient as Karen Davis. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

- John Lavin

My Husband and I highly recommend Alyssa Plut as your real-estate agent. We have recommended her to friends and family as a real-estate broker who will help you realistically find your dream home and follow through with a closing sale in a tough market place. She got to know us personally. It was evident she cared about what our perfect home looked and felt like, and then took joy & pride in her efforts finding our home. Looking for a house with Alyssa was fun not daunting. She knew tricks of the trade, offered to call people and send letters if we couldn’t find a listed home. When we did find our home in 2015 there were 5 bids on the house! Alyssa carefully walked us through our options and negotiated a winning deal. Throughout the entire home searching process, beginning to end, we trusted and had full confidence in her abilities as a top-notch real-estate agent. It was not about making a sale with Alyssa, it was about the love of real-estate and customers. This is clearly her passion. 

-Mike and Carleigh Tenzin


Alyssa was great! We had a difficult negotiation and closing with our house and Alyssa was on top of it the whole way. She was there to support us and give us our options when we needed them.  She was very patient as we looked at houses and once we found the one we wanted to purchase she was quick to get the offer to the seller. We would not have gotten our house if not for her wonderful advice while making the offer. Alyssa got us the house we wanted at the best price possible.  She worked very hard for us throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Alyssa and if she hadn't found us our dream house I would be happy to work with her again in the future.


-T and M Merrill


Alyssa was very helpful and prepared with a list of homes that met some or most of our requirements. She was very patient, professional, and knowledgeable about current listings and willing to spend as much time as needed to help us find our retirement home. She also followed through to make sure we were happy and to take care of any problems that occurred. We highly recommend her.  

-J and G McDonald

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