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Seattle has been Karen's home for 30 plus years. She has lived, worked, played, and raised her kids here.  Karen has a wealth of knowledge about Seattle and its unique neighborhoods, parks, schools, and other amenities. 


If you are thinking of an investment property, Karen has over 20 years experience owning and managing rental properties. She'd love to use her experience to help you find the rental property that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Karen is a wife, mother of two, an educator, and a musician. She lives with her husband and 2 kitties in a 1924 Craftsman.   She loves hiking, skiing, camping and traveling, but she always looks forward to coming back home. 


Having a home that she loves is an important part of her life. That’s why she makes it her job to help others find homes that they love.


You can count on Karen to be honest, diligent, open, communicative, and tireless as your agent.  Call or text anytime at 206.794.1931 or email at

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