Remodeling Tips from Your Friendly Real Estate Broker

I’ve been a home owner for over 20 years, and I’ve seen my fair share of remodeling projects- both big and small. Here are 3 key points I’ve learned from my experience to help you get the most out of your remodel: 1. Go Quality: Flooring, light fixtures, cabinetry, hardware, plumbing fixtures, appliances - all of these things come in a variety of qualities. You may think you're saving money by going with lower priced products, but in the end it will cost you more because they will need to be replaced sooner. The quality products you invest in now will continue to serve your family for years to come, and will be an asset for your home when it comes time to sell. A cheap remodel is worse than

Join Karen and Alyssa for Casual Q & A About Buying an Investment Property

Karen and Alyssa are starting an educational component to NWRetro! We are inviting industry professionals, mostly amazing mortgage folks in the Seattle area, to discuss relevant issues of the day. Our next discussion is set to take place on March 8th at Karen's house. We will be joined by Ruby Grynberg from Salmon Bay Community Lending. We will be focusing on the ways to secure financing, down payment requirements and different types of investment properties. If you would like to join us, please email us at and we will let you know the details! ​ In the coming months we will be adding a session on how to Buy and Sell a property in this crazy market as well as a First Time

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