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Introduction to the NW Retro Blog!

Hello and welcome to the first NW Retro blog! Here you will find all sorts of fun facts about retro homes in the Seattle area from Tacoma to Everett and beyond. We will share stories of beautiful homes waiting for their next journey with a new owner, old neighborhoods ready to be re-explored, maybe a neat local coffee shop or a whole "new to us" hot spot full of fun shops and restaurants (pretty sure that first post wil be about downtown Edmonds!), a neat park to go spend a sunny afternoon, a new date place to take your significant other and certainly timely market news to keep you all up to date on the local real estate market. You will also see posts about Alyssa's new favorite band and news about Karen's band. We will have a Green Living tip of the week and don't miss our weekly ReModeled or ReMuddled! Please do let us know if you have any blog posts you would like to see at!

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