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It's Time To Get Creative!

Karen and I are excited to announce that we have partnered with CoBuy, an all inclusive 3rd party that facilitates the purchase of a property with 2 or more separate persons. In this tough sellers market, we need to get creative. Karen and I will be hosting an informal question and answer meet-up with the folks that created CoBuy on May 3rd, 2018 7-8:30. If you would like details on this upcoming informational opportunity, please drop us an email at

Co-Buying is for anyone looking to get into this market with other like minded folks. This can be for first time home buyers buying a home for themselves or for the investor looking to get into the rental market. Are you wanting to buy a vacation home with your best friends? Perhaps you want to retire with friends and have a built-in community for support and companionship. Or maybe you are someone looking for an owner occupied option to co-buy with someone looking for an investment opportunity, like a duplex. Whatever the situation, CoBuy opens doors to get more folks into the real estate market!

Karen and I are also excited about the opportunity to include the Backyard Cottage into this topic. A CoBuy group could purchase an existing house and add a backyard cottage as an income generator and a full time residence. This gets around some of the legal limitations currently included in the building and zoning regulations in most municipalities here in the Seattle area.

We will be touching on all these ideas, so if you are interested please consider joining us on May 3rd! Check back in mid-April for more info regarding time and place or again, feel free to drops us a note at!

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