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Oasis in the NE Corner of Seattle

NE Seattle neighborhoods have a great reputation, including excellent schools, beautiful parks, close proximity to Lake Washington and friendly neighbors. One of these neighborhoods is Cedar Park, tucked in along the shoreline of Lake Washington. With its close proximity to the lake, schools, shopping, restaurants and entertainment, this little corner of the city is a gem, an oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of the University Village, Bryant, Wedgwood, Maple Leaf and Northgate.

Cedar Park is characterized by its large lots, good-sized houses and, if you are lucky, lake views. The Cedar Park Neighborhood extends east from 35th Avenue NE to the shores of Lake Washington and from NE 120th Street in the south to NE 145th Street at the north end. The Cedar Park Neighborhood Council represents the area. Although Cedar Park was subdivided in the 1920s, development proceeded slowly. Vacation cottages overlooking Lake Washington occupied many of the lots from the 1920s through World War II. After 1945, the area developed as a single-family residential community. Many single-family residences in Cedar Park date from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Alyssa's family was lucky enough to call this area home for eight years. The history of our their house fits into the story of the neighborhood. The house was built in 1935 on a large lot on 39th Ave NE. and 135th St. Following the annexation of Cedar Park to the City of Seattle in 1954, the house was moved from its original site to its current location on 37th Ave NE and 125th St. to make room for construction of Cedar Park Elementary, which many children attended from 1959 to 1981. Olympic Hills Elementary will be using the Cedar Park school building as its interim location while a new school is being built and then this great neighborhood will have their own Cedar Park Elementary once again!

The Cedar Park/Lake City area has seen great improvement over the years, beginning with a new park established in 2000 in the center of the neighborhood by the old school. Today one can enjoy a thriving Thursday Farmers Market, public library and many of the locally owned establishments, including the Elliott Bay Brewing Co., Thai One On and the German inspired Kaffeeklatsch with its yummy pastries, coffees and social gathering space. As this neighborhood continues to improve, the housing values will increase as well. With light rail, a new school scheduled to open at Olympic Hills in a couple of years and continued city investment, this area will be the new place to be for young professionals, families and retirees.

Give us a call or email today and get started on your way to home ownership in the oasis that is Cedar Park!

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